A Family-Driven Approach You Can Rely On

When legal disputes touch on your most important family relationships — as a spouse, parent, grandparent or other loved one — protecting your interests requires balancing objective legal goals with what matters most to you personally. Having a lawyer with experience in this area of the law — and who can diligently represent you is of the utmost importance.

As one of metro Atlanta's distinguished divorce and family law-focused firms, our attorneys are accustomed to dealing with people who are evaluating their options for starting the next chapter of their lives. With superb negotiation and trial skills, we excel at helping our clients protect and fight for what matters most to them.

A Diverse Practice for a Diverse Clientele

Because our practice is limited to family law matters, our attorneys have obtained experience handling family disputes that few lawyers can claim. Our practice also reflects Atlanta's diversity. We have represented people from every walk of life: business executives, physicians, professionals, stay-at-home parents and professional athletes.

Additionally, while many family lawyers measure themselves by how nasty they can be, we pride ourselves on taking an assertive approach to obtain the best results. Although it is difficult to remove all adversarial aspects from divorces and other family court proceedings, we recognize that our clients often have a stake in maintaining healthy, working relationships even in the face of conflict. Often we will act aggressively when circumstances call for it, we believe that outcomes should determine strategies and not the other way around. If a diplomatic approach can help our clients protect what matters to them, we take a different approach.

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