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Trusted Guidance Through Divorce And Separation

Just by reading this, you are taking the first step in an important process that will determine the shape and quality of your life for the months and years ahead.

Few people think that divorce is ever an easy process. What an experienced divorce attorney should do — and what ours have done for so many clients throughout the Atlanta area — is serve as an advocate, clear a path through the confusion and lead you through to the other side financially and personally intact. Whether you are initiating proceedings or responding to them, you deserve respectful and strong legal representation that will help protect your rights: your financial well-being, your rights as a parent, the things you’ve worked so hard for. Welcome to Browning & Smith.

Divorce Is A Journey. Take the Right First Steps.

There are few cases where a couple immediately and completely agrees on every issue related to a divorce. With more couples than ever having complex financial portfolios and the pressing concerns that come with raising children in homes where both parents work, it is nearly inevitable that every divorce will have issues that require skillful handling and, in some cases, fights in Georgia’s family courts.

Having advocated for hundreds of clients in the Atlanta area, we will come to your case ready to prepare and execute a plan to help you protect your rights and interests. This includes issues related to:

A Dynamic Approach To Family Law

You don’t have a cookie-cutter life; you deserve better than cookie-cutter legal counsel. Our attorneys have succeeded in handling divorces that require a dynamic approach: Child custody issues may benefit from more diplomacy, while financial concerns require more assertive tactics. That is what effective legal help should look like, and it is precisely the kind of legal help we provide. We are ready to fight and, if it is required, make peace.

If you’re revisiting the terms of a months- or years-old divorce, we also offer representation for modifications of court orders as well as contempt proceedings and other post-divorce relief.

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